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Lose 12 to 16 pounds per month without giving up your favorite foods or use toxic elements.
Watch what you eat, step by step, without complexities. Choose from over three hundred recipes.
Learn to eat on each occasion and help yourself to control your diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and other problems where your doctor recommends a diet.
Do not waste your money on expensive supplements, medicines and substances that have proved their worthlessness many other times. Do it yourself using this guide.

What do we do in this Site?

This is a program that aims to provide an alternative for people who want to lose excess weight and also for people who want to eat healthy and know that what they eat is not harmful to their health.

It is a site where you can follow a healthy eating style. Also for people who for some condition need to be more careful about what they eat, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, disorders of triglycerides, cholesterol and other chronic diseases, less common, where the doctor has recommended a healthy diet .

We offer you a diet. All diets are beneficial as long as they done well. Some diets are too strict and therefore cannot be extended for more than a few days to avoid the harmful health effects, having to be careful, very careful with people who have a preexisting disease, where these diets can be dangerous, so they need direct medical supervision.

Diets should not be extreme, not to be dangerous, and should not include toxic elements that endanger health. The diet provided here is healthy and fun. Rather than a diet it is a change in the style in which you consume food. We try, as much as possible, to utilize the most beneficial qualities of all foods and rid them of any harmful qualities.

When we talk to acquire a new eating style we are not talking about big changes because foods are the same for almost everyone, but we talk about a discipline that governs most of the day, setting a preparation of these foods and hours of eating them, establishing a routine, a habit. This is not a process a couple of months to lose a few pounds and then return to an eating disorder for which weight was gained previously or health was at risk.

In this diet there is no rigorous suppression or hunger, it just needs discipline and a little effort to prepare meals as indicated in the program. They are not difficult recipes to emphasize the gourmet. The goal is to eat healthy and this is not an attribute of the "Haute Cuisine".

Would you like to know your ideal weight?


This diet emphasizes the consumption of proteins not only as elements of construction and repair of the body, but also as an energy source. Provides a recipe for these proteins in ways that they are not accompanied by undesirable elements.

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Sample about a diet schedule

Daily Food Plan
On this screen you select the foods or recipes for every meal for one day or for a full week. The values expressed by the bars are the most important element of control to maintain food intake within the parameters scientifically recommended.

The system will use warnings to inform you about some foods that most be consumed with moderation.

Food Selection
We offer more than 300 recipes all carefully balanced in order to maintain parameters like cholesterol, calories and fats within the safety levels.

Ingredients and preparation
With a simple click over any recipe you can see the preparation and ingredients on the recipe.

Shopping List
The system can show you any time a list with the ingredients you need in order to prepare the recipes you have selected. The list can be printed and also you can exclude from it any ingredient you already have. | Version 1.2.14. --- Privacy Policy & Terms of Use | Copyright © 2010-2011 BMLB inc. All rights reserved.

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